Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit has the following responsibilities:

  1. To organize and supervise staff executing audit programs as well as reviews of operating procedures and controls. 
  2. To ascertain that accounting systems, policies and procedures are adequate and effective for the upkeep of the Board’s finances and assets;
  3. To review audit reports with the Board’s External Auditors and ensuring Full implementations of External Auditors’ Findings and recommendations;
  4. To develop systematic standard and/or routine checks and report formats according to the Board’s requirements;
  5. To review policies on internal controls to ensure smooth implementation of the budget;
  6. To enhance adherence of Financial Regulation, Staff Regulation, and Internal Audit work programs at all times;
  7. To prepare work programs for auditing of the departments /regions and monitoring audit works to ensure efficient execution of work programs;
  8. To set and evaluate Departments /Regions ’performance with the view of maintaining high financial standards;
  9. To conduct regular audits of departments/regions to ensure that up to date financial records are properly kept and financial regulations and procedures are adhered to;
  10. To ascertain that the Board’s assets are adequately controlled, safeguarded and insured;
  11. To investigate frauds or misappropriations committed by staff;
  12. To facilitate external audit


Legal Services Unit

The legal Services Unit performs the following duties:

  1. To interpret and translate legal documents and advises the Board;
  2. To approve the Board's legal documents;
  3. To review trust deeds, memorandum of understanding agreements, contracts and other legal related documents; 
  4. To prepare legal briefs and represent the Board in legal proceedings;
  5. To liaise with external legal Agencies in legal matters and participates or conduct Boards litigations;
  6. To review and draft amendments to the Tobacco Industry Act and its regulations made thereunder;
  7. To maintain safe custody of the Board's legal documents;
  8. To plan and arrange the Board of Directors’ meeting;
  9. To make follow up on the implementation of the Board of Director's meeting resolutions;
  10. To be the Secretary to the Management Meetings;
  11. To write minutes during the Board of Directors’ and Management meetings.


Procurement and Supplies Management Unit

According to the Tanzania Tobacco Board Scheme of Service, this Unit is headed by the Manager. The Procurement and Supplies Management Unit has the following responsibilities:

  1. To advise the Management on matters related to purchasing, supplies and store;
  2. To supervise procurement and storage of Board's equipment and office supplies;
  3. To monitor adherence to public procurement legislation;
  4. To oversee inventory analysis and stock verification; and
  5. To prepare Annual Procurement Plan (APP).