Tanzania Tobacco Board wishes to announce to all tobacco farmers and tobacco buyers all over the country that, tobacco buying season for the crop season 2019/2020 shall commence on 02nd of May 2020 country wide.

In addition, the Board urges all stakeholders to continue to protect themselves from the threat posed by the current Covid-19 by ensuring that they comply with various Government directives. Despite the current situation, preparations for the marketing season should continue at all locations and for all stakeholders. If the condition of the disease continues, the Board, through its stakeholders, will develop a plan to run the markets in accordance with Government guidelines including avoiding unnecessary gatherings, regular handwashing, etc. In consideration of the above, Board wishes to call for the following:-

  1. All tobacco buyers are required to apply for green leaf tobacco buying license and all other necessary licenses before 30th of April 2020.
  2. All tobacco buying Companies and Primary Societies must register their ‘Leafmen’ for the 2020/2021 buying season before 30th of April 2020.
  3. All farmers are required to register their baling and grading centers, which meet all the required standards as directed by the Board, by 20th of April 2020.
  4. Application for registration of market centers should be completed and filed to the Board according to the laid down procedures.
  5. Tobacco buying arrangements for each tobacco region shall be done by regional stakeholder’s in-order to comply with the procedures and marketing guidelines issued by the Board.
  6. Farmers are reminded to sort and tie their tobacco for marketing according to the Regulations, Rules and Procedures.
  7. Banks, Companies, Primary Societies and farmers shall accurately verify their debts and loans status on or before 30th of April 2020.
  8. Tobacco buying Companies and Primary Societies shall undertake fumigation and make sanitary warehouses and all tobacco stores before 01st of April 2020.
  9. All tobacco weighing scales in tobacco warehouses must be inspected and certified by the Government Weighing and scale Evaluation Officer before 30th of April 2020.

Issued By:

Stanley Nelson Mnozya
01st April 2020