RegistrationFor regulatory purposes, all tobacco farmers are supposed to be registered by the Board.

Registration Procedure

  1. The Board shall cause a register to be kept and maintained of all tobacco growers and ancillary facilities owners, occupiers and managers of all land planted with tobacco and of all buildings used or intended to be used for grading, curing or baling tobacco, market centres, warehouses and tobacco processing factories in such form as the Board deems fit.

  2. Every person intending to grow tobacco for sale shall register with the Board prior to growing the tobacco.

  3. Prior to registration, the grower shall provide the following information to the Board:-

    1. name of a member grower and in case of a society or association, names of individual growers;

    2. types of tobacco to be grown and areas to be put under cultivation in that year of application;

    3. curing barn space available for the estimated tobacco to be produced;

    4. crop volume, production estimates, input stocks and additional inputs required in that year of application;

    5. No person shall grow tobacco on any land in Mainland Tanzania for the purpose of sale unless he has been registered by the Board.

    6. Any person who grows tobacco on any land in the area which has not been declared by the Director to be suitable for growing of tobacco, commits an offence.

De-registration of growers

  1. The Board shall strike out of the register any tobacco grower who falls to meet the terms and conditions of registration as provided in the Act and Tobacco Regulations.

  2. Any tobacco grower who has a subsisting contract with outstanding loans shall only be allowed to withdraw his registration after giving three months’ notice of his intention to do so.