I. Virginia Flue Cured (VFC)

fcvFlue-cured is also known as "Bright" and "Virginia" by the world trade. It is used almost entirely in cigarette blends. Some of the heavier leaves may be used in mixtures for pipe smoking.

Flue-cured leaf is characterized by

  1. a high sugar:
  2. nitrogen ratio. This ratio is enhanced by the picking of the leaf in an advanced stage of ripeness, and by the unique curing process which allows certain chemical changes to occur in the leaf.

Cured leaves vary from lemon to orange to mahogany in colour. The leaves are relatively large with the largest at midstalk. A well grown plant will be topped at a height of 39 to 51 inches with 18-22 harvestable leaves. The leaves are harvested as they mature from the ground up.

Flue-cured tobacco is grown in approximately 75 countries including Tanzania.

II. Dark Fire Cured (DFC)

dfcThe main use for dark-fired tobacco is in the production of snuff, chewing tobacco, and pipe blends. Dark-fired leaves are subjected to smoke from smouldering wood during the early stage of curing. The type of wood used is very important in determining taste and grown.

Cured leaves are very dark in colour and are long and heavy bodied.

The only significant world producers are the U.S., Poland, Malawi, Italy and Tanzania.