Issuance of Licenses and Permits

Subject to the relevant provision of the Act, Tanzania Tobacco Act may issue the following licenses and permits to persons or company registered:

  1. Field green leaf tobacco buying license;
  2. Green leaf tobacco import license;
  3. Tobacco processing license;
  4. Dry leaf tobacco buying license;
  5. Dry leaf tobacco selling license;
  6. Tobacco export license;
  7. Tobacco import permit; and
  8. Tobacco export permit.

Mode of application for Licenses and Permits

A company or person who wishes to buy, sell, process, import or export tobacco is required to apply to the Board for a license or/and permit using an online system called Agricultural Trade Management Information System (ATMIS) through this link: or by visiting the Board’s website and click on the link permits and licensing system.

Requirement for applying license

An applicant for license shall provide the following information to the Board:-

  1. Name and address of the applicant;
  2. Evidence of registration by the Board;
  3. Any other information as may be deemed necessary.

Circumstances under which the Board my refuse to issue a license

The Board may refuse to issue a license to an applicant who:-

  1. Has failed to show evidence of capacity to carry out a business relating to a license applied for;
  2. Is in the opinion of the Board, unable to comply with the provision of the Act and Regulations;
  3. Is indebted by the Board, a grower, buyer or processor; or
  4. Has failed to observe the terms and conditions relating the licenses issued to him in the previous season.

Suspension and Cancellation of license

  1. The Board may, for specified reasons made known to the holder of a license issued, suspend or cancel a license.
  2. A person / company, whose license has been suspended or cancelled by the Board, shall not transact any business to which the license relates during the period of such suspension or cancellation.
  3. As soon as the license holder rectifies the problem that necessitated the suspension of the license and after expiration of the sanction imposed, the Board shall lift the suspension.