Recognizing the need to regulate production, and promote sustainable development, the Government of Tanzania under the Tobacco Industry Act No.24 of 2001, established the Tanzania Tobacco Board, in place of the Tanzania Tobacco Processing and Marketing Board (TTP&MB).

The Tobacco Industry Act aims at planned development of Tobacco Industry in the country. The various functions of the Board outlined in the Act for the regulation and promotion of the industry are-

  1. To advice the government on policies and strategies to promote and develop the tobacco industry;

  2. To promote the development of production, processing of tobacco;

  3. To make regulations for the control of tobacco pests and diseases;

  4. To control and prescribe measures for the preservation of the environment including avoidance of land degradation through compulsory, afforestation and economical use of fuel wood programmers’,

  5. To assist directly or through financial support in the research and development in any matter relating to the tobacco industry;

  6. To regulate and enforce quality standards of tobacco;

  7. To collect, refine, maintain, use and disseminate information or data relating to the tobacco industry;

  8. To make rules and regulations in respect of farming processing, marketing, transportation, exportation and storage of tobacco;

  9. To present the government in international forums relating to or dealing with tobacco;

  10. To promote and facilitate the formation of association of other bodies of stakeholders within the tobacco sub sector (which shall form a consultative forum with the Board) and coordinate their activities.