valuesIn order to achieve our mission we believe in a set of the following core issues which we shall strive to observe all the times:-

Pursuit of excellence in service

TTB shall strive to achieve the highest standards in service delivery, and shall actively look for opportunities to improve on those standards.

Loyalty to government

TTB staff loyally shall serve the duly elected Government of the day, and shall comply with the lawful instructions of the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives, Board of Directors, Director General and Board’s Senior Officials to the best of their ability.

Diligence on duty

TTB staff shall be at their places of work during official hours of duty and shall devote themselves wholly to their work during the office hours.

Impartiality in service

TTB shall not engage in political activities at places of work, or allow personal political views to influence their performance.


TTB staff shall not seek or accepts gifts, favours or inducements, financial or otherwise, in the course of discharging their duties. Likewise, staff shall not offer gifts, favours or inducements. Moreover staff shall not use Board’s property or official time for their own private purpose and they shall not use information acquired in the course of their official duties to gain personal financial advantage.

Courtesy to all

TTB staff shall treat clients and colleagues with courtesy. They shall regard ourselves as servants of Tanzania people, and shall particularly be considerate when dealing with vulnerable members of the public, such as elderly, the poor, the sick, disabled, and other disadvantaged people in the society.

Respect of the law

TTB staff shall not commit unlawful acts in the course of performing duties, nor shall they instruct or encourage any other person to do so. If directed to commit an unlawful act, they shall refuse, and report the matter to their superiors.

Proper use of official information

TTB staff shall not unnecessarily withhold information which the public has a right to access. On the other hand, they shall not divulge or misuse information which is confidential.

Gender sensitive

Staff will Endeavour to take into account gender issues in all their dealings with clients and policies, rules and regulations.


Staff will always adhere to professional ethics and conduct and will provide services of the highest professional standards.


Staff will deal with clients in an honest and humble manner avoiding any conflict of interest and full disclosure on any needed information.